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Navigating Change

From our experience with various clients and issues, BR2C is known to facilitate our clients navigating change. By using the proven analysis-review-plan tool called Strategic Framework LoopTM we will facilitate the entire organization to work and change together. Our capacity to engage every element within the organization and company to ignite ideas, align working values till work-process and optimizing impactful problem-solving and decision-making processes allows us to enable the organization to change effectively.

When we are using the Strategic Framework LoopTM, we will able to analyze, review and plan:

  • The corporate direction — including vision, strategy and the roadmap we are having to achieve our vision
  • The product & marketing dynamics — from product and service delivery, to market segment to revenue streams
  • Align the business process, people profile, values and cost/revenue structure
  • With this tool, we are able to navigate the change for the organizations and companies in the region.

    Facilitating Alignment

    The most common strategic and managerial issue in an organization or company is alignment. From the level of Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors to Board of Management to operational level, alignment is key to the success of an organization or company. Your organization will be extremely effective when you are aligned in all different levels at different issues, i.e.:

  • Corporate or Organizational Vision
  • Corporate Strategic Framework and Roadmap
  • Working Units’ Values and Leadership Style
  • Business Processes
  • Marketing-Sales-Channel-Production alignment
  • Activation Plan with different marketing and sales providers
  • Supply-chain and Distribution Flow alignment
  • Etc.
  • Effective Meeting

    An average of 70% time of a person in a company is used in various meetings. Interestingly, 61% of global executives said that the meetings they are attending are not effective and waste of time. To make them effective, one needs to facilitate these meetings. There are several areas of meeting that we can facilitate well:

  • Ideation — sharing or collecting ideas from everyone in the meeting.
  • Problem solving, including conflict management.
  • Alignment, including Business Process, Project Management and Change Management process.
  • Decision-making process, including strategic framework, action plan, follow up plan etc.
  • Training on Facilitation Capacities

    With more than 17 years of experience in the industry facilitating business, development, government and multi-lateral sectors both in Indonesia as well as the region, with issues ranging from banking to environment to police-force to world trade, we are now able to train others on facilitation capabilities. We train professionals who may use facilitation in their working place or communities, as well as professional facilitators to increase their capacities and exposures, here are the training programs:

  • Mastering Facilitation; 7 Principles & 1 Law
  • Mastering Facilitation: 5 Skills in 3 Areas
  • Mastering Facilitation: 3-Levels to Facilitate
  • Mastering Facilitation: Public and Multi-lateral Sectors